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Importance of Sending Wine to China

China is not on the list of the best wine-producing countries. She relies on imports from countries like Australia, Chile, Spain and Italy. As opposed to China, countries like Australia have favorable climate and soil topography that allows the proper growth of grapes. The weather patterns in China do not allow the full growth of the grapes; this translates to low quality wine. Though the Chinese people are traditionally known for taking beer, a huge number of population is slowly embracing the consumption of wine. These people may opt to abandon the locally produced wines and instead rely on the high-quality wines from other countries. Such deficits in the Chinese xafs explain why more and more people are sending wine to China both for commercial and personal reasons. The process of shipping delicate items is obviously tedious but there are courier firms that have specialized in this line of business. Companies that specialize in shipping wine Shanghai services have discovered the following reasons for the increased demand for this service. Here are a few:

  • Commercial reasons: Wine selling is a business like any other in China. Wine wholesalers require suppliers who can deliver bulky orders in good time. Therefore, any company that specializes in sending vino to China must understand the time constraints that characterize some of their recipients. Ordinarily, people visit the liquor stores to pick their favorite bottles. Alternatively, there are people who visit the depots in China to have a taste of the different vino brands before making the final purchase. The increase in the liquor stores in China comes in the wake of an increased wine drinking population.
  • Social reasons: During special occasions, the number of gifts shipped to other countries increases significantly. One of such gifts is wine. The only challenge is in the selection of the best wine brand that suits the occasion, the recipients’ preference and one that blends with the day’s menu. It is quite disappointing for anyone to send an expensive wine bottle to China only to later realize that the bottle was kept for a different occasion or even disposed. Therefore, delivering liquor to China is an excellent gesture for anyone who is not in the country but still wants to appreciate the hosts or indicate that they are part and parcel of the event even when miles away.
  • It provides an opportunity for the Chinese consumers to have a taste of wines from other countries. Transporting booze to China has been left to countries such as Australia. However, it doesn’t mean that wines from other countries are disallowed in the country. For instance, someone from Ukraine can send a wine bottle from the country and have the Chinese develop a preference for that particular wine. The secret is to ensure that the wine is both high quality and affordable.
  • It earns the Chinese government revenue: There are shipping charges that apply for each parcel depending on its nature and weight. Therefore, a lot of revenue is earned from the sending of champagne to China in bulk.


Sending wine to China presents many benefits for both the senders and the Chinese consumers.



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